A treasure hunt for a stitching table....

I haven't picked up a needle since March.. I was so frustrated that I packed everything away until I had time to give my options some thought.  I figure if I can paint buttons I can stitch but I have to get    everything right...  Yesterday I was moving all my machine laces from smaller bins to one large bin and was thinking if I dyed them they would be perfect for the foreground in my UFO peacock piece.

It's not that I hadn't been thinking all along.  I have been researching other lamps I thought might work.  I adore the lamps I have but I have not been able to stitch with them....when I get them low enough all the work surfaces are too high, One is attached to my painting table and the other is not that easy to move about.  I did order this lamp to try which Amazon assured me would arrive today. It is adjustable in height and had an 88% approval rating.  It only has 1.75 magnification though.

So I began to think about a work surface and my dream list was:
1. Low - no more than 24" tall and preferably 22"
2. I must be able to get my legs beneath it/
3. It must have wheels or be light enough to easily move from spot to spot.
4.  It would be even nicer if it folded up and stored or taken in the car...

I started in the house...  The  little table I'm going to paint is the right height but not easily moveable.  My little green table is the right height and folds up but it is very unstable.  The TV sits on an old typing table which has casters and I can get my legs under but it is much too tall and would be difficult to lower...so my search moved to the barn. 

This is another old typing table that my shrink wrap machine sits on.  It again fits most of the criteria but is too tall and difficult to shorten enough that my legs would still fit beneath because of the shelves.

Then I noticed this old walker with a seat...  I use this as a portable chair ALL the time in the barn and the flat seat got me thinking... I knew I had at least 3 other walkers in the back of the barn... With each injury I move up in quality of walkers..   My latest one is red with a basket and a cup holder... very classy.  I think that was the broken leg.

But this was the oldest grungiest one that I found.  It was literally buried in the very back of a horse stall... I knew it might be just what I was looking for... Even with the casters adjusted to the lowest point, it would not sit level.... but I could fix that.

So I went in search for something to use as a work surface and settled on either the orange thing or the cutting board.  The orange thing just wouldn't work but the cutting board had possibilities and I loved the little groove around the edge.  The metal tub tray may work as a shelf....maybe.

I first had to cut off the tubing on the back casters to get them low enough and   that went   well....except I wish I could have gotten them a little lower.  The whole thing was so filthy that I took it into the shower with me and gave it a good scrubbing with a brillo pad.

Here it is all shining and clean.  It has casters and folds.  I could even take it in the car...actually even on a plane. I can get my legs beneath it. The cutting board is hanging with some garden tool hooks and easily goes on or off.   It is 24" tall  but figured I can lower it to 22" when I get some eye bolts and S hooks.  I am so happy with it but now Amazon emails me and tells me my lamp is delayed in route and they will advise more info later. 

..........And in an emergency I could still use it as a walker.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh wow. I just went through this dilemma. Only I wanted another file cabinet. My "room" doubles as my sewing etc/ office space. The only place to put another file cabinet was next to my sewing table, but I had another small table there. I needed a table that the cabinet would fit under. I found one in the storage room that worked perfectly if it were a little higher. Found two wood slats to slide under the legs.

A dream would be a large sewing room with one of those elaborate storage units and tables. Maybe in my next life. But it's pretty satisfying to make due with what you have and tweak it a bit, isn't it.
xx, Carol

margaret said...

This has worked so well ans I am sure will be a great help to you and when the light comes hope that will be as successful.I think I cold spend hours in your barn it seems to be full of very interesting things. I am looking for a table that will go on the left of me at the sewing machine to help take the weight of the quilts something that is table height but will collapse when not in use no barn though to search for here it will have to be purchased

Beth in IL said...

Love it! Great job! I need to look into a light with a magnifier....

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Have to love a multi-purpose piece of equipment, and even more love for something that didn't cost you anything. Definitely a win/win!

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