Progress and dreaded glue gun...

 Well I have all the pages hand sewn to the spine which was an relative easy job because I had the sew lines well marked with stitching. Now I will cover this side of the spine with black felt. and then add the covers.         The 1/4" spacing I chose was about right but I could have added a tad more even.
The cover are done except for the final touches... "Glue gunning" was a skill I hadn't ever mastered and it has been about 20 years since I used one.. But I had to have a few damaged brain cells when I thought could see well enough to sew with black thread on black ribbon to bind the pages...

I used a glue gun (rather badly) to apply both the ribbon binding and the trim\ The glue came out in lines too thin or to heavy so I need practice for sure on my trigger control.

In the process I managed to burn about every finger, glue the glue gun to the stand, glue the glue gun to the table and even glue a block to the table.  I ended up with bits of unwanted glue several places. I'm hoping I will improve with practice..  With all the improvements to technology over the years I thought maybe someone had invented a better glue gun....NOT!!

So I went to Google to see if there were helpful tips and there were many sites... Most all cautioned not to touch the hot glue gun which I think is quite obvious and the rest of the tips were about as helpful... like: "If sitting down while working, make sure you wear long pants to avoid burns from any stray drips of hot glue. "

 However there were a few that were new to me.
1.Vaseline on the tip of the glue gun to prevent little glue hairs.
2. Try rubbing alcohol to remove unwanted glue which I will definitely need to try.
3. Store your glue sticks in a spot with low humidity to prevent glue hairs.
4.  Use a hair dryer to soften unwanted glue spots.

When I posted about my Valentine Dinner I forgot to add photo of my all time favorite dessert... Lemon Sponge Tart..  I thought the recipe was on the site but I couldn't find it so I will type it to share... Particularly great recipe if you need a mostly gluten-free dessert. If a lemon lover like me you NEED this recipe.


Sarah Aldrich said...

Geri, that dessert looks wonderful! Can't wait to try it!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I used to use glue guns all the time. We had a love/hate relationship too. I DO have a cold glue gun, but it's been forever since I used it. For fabric, I usually use Fabritac or E6000 now. Takes more time due to drying though. Thanks for sharing your progress.
xx, Carol

Cheryl J said...

I have never posted on your blog before but I want you to know that I thouroughly enjoy your blog. You are a very cool lady and I greatly admire your optomisim about life's challenging issues, Also, your sense of humor cracks me up. I found your blog when I was up to my ears in crazy quilting and was much inspired by many of your blocks. You are a very talented artist. I made a wall hanging of "fool's gold"blocks and just love it. I've been embroidering some of Hazel Blomkam's embroidery kits. I love her work as well.

I wish I could know you personnally. You are so special. I was a piano teacher for 42 years so learned much patience so the fussy things about needlework that require a lot of patience is no sweat to me. I love a job well done.

Just know that you are providing much joy to, at least, me, but I'm sure many others. I would love that dessert recipe. I love lemon. Thanks for being you.
Cheryl Johnson

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glue guns are a menace - I don't use one unless I am forced and then I keep a bowl of ice filled water right beside me for the inevitable owies that I know are bound to happen. Like Carole I'm a bigger fan of Fabritac or E6000 because they don't come apart with time as hot glue seems to do. Must say that there's a rather large amount of drool happening here over that lemon dessert.....mmmmmm.....

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