Remember the barn?

Remember a couple years back when my neighbor helped me clear the cutting table in the barn...  Well every time I found a great stash enhancement it was piled on the table. 

Now I want to start working on my cottage quilt and the table top is nowhere in site.  I went out there this morning to search for cotton florals, pinstripes, gingham checks and polka dots and was dismayed....  I did cram most of the bags in bins unsorted... I have a plan now though....  Each day after I walk in my forest I will spend at least 30 minutes getting other things sorted.  AND at the end of the month when my CQ group meets we are going to have a "Stash For All" in the barn because ......................... I have these 8 huge bins full of fancies of all sorts...

 This doesn't count the cottons, laces and vintage linens which will have to be another day..
BUT I did find a wealth of material for my cottage quilt.  Not showing are all the polka dots and gingham pieces.  I hauled it all into the house to wash and cut in smaller pieces.

For a post on the life of the barn, go to http://olderrose.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-life-of-barn.html


Marilyn said...

Yikes, I can't imagine trying to destash in your barn. I'm doing that here and I only have 2 cupboards full and several totes. But I am making some progress. I've been making tote bags which my sister, friends and even my dentist have helped to fill with personal care items. I donate them to the local women's shelter. So far I think I've taken over 7 or 8.

Marlynne said...

That's hard to do! I did something similar recently and have already gotten 3 or 4 pieces of fabric out! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist

margaret said...

what a wonderful barn to have and go to when you need supplies, thought my stash was growing but it looks pitiful compared to yours!

Momma Bear said...

oh Gerry!
you have a wealth of volunteers here on the other side of the mountains!
you have but to ask and I could put together an expedition with at least 4 of my quilting group and believe me we would be delighted to help you sort and label!
if just for the chance to wander your lovely garden and soak up some Gerry time :)

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