Knitted lace and new cabinet

My big box of knitted lace arrived yesterday from Laurel Farm...... It is all vintage and most were edging on pillow cases at one time...  In addition to lots of knitted laces, there were several unique pieces of tatting, several wide crocheted edgings and the happy unexpected was two sections shown at the bottom.... crocheted  ric rack  edging...  But it was the knitted lace that I specifically had been seeking and delighted with the amount that was included.

And when I had all the drawers filled in my "small drawer units" filled, I found this super rolling unit yesterday at a thrift store and besides that. I had a 30% off coupon which made it only $10..... so it came right home with me. Only one drawer was missing.... found some great silk stash also...


crafty cat corner said...

I like the rolling drawers, you can never have enough drawers can you?
Must say thankyou for all of your posts, you inspire me to keep going.

margaret said...

some beautiful lace here, do you plan to dye any of it? That is a bargain and a half, wonderful storage unit you have there

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