#1 critter and lace revisited

I'm still auditioning laces for the jacket and will probably (as is my way) make and remake my decision at the last moment.  I've always been leaning toward white or ecru lace.  The reason being I feel it gives the piece the feel of a folk costume which I like... If I do, I want to use knitted lace as I love the soft draping quality of it.

Using heavier cotton black lace changes the piece altogether and it look like it belongs to a fancy lounging outfit with velvet pants.  I have enough of both laces   so that is not a problem. So to sum it up I like the richness of the black AND the happy quality of the white/ecru

But no matter which lace, the piece wouldn't be complete without my #1 critter, Morris, which is ready to applique on the right side.


Janet Stauffacher said...

Hi Gerry!

I love following your blog.

Have you considered layering a narrower white lace over a wider black one? It might be the best of both worlds.

Janet Stauffacher

susiew said...

I like the black lace .... seems like it becomes a part of the jacket and finishes it off. The white lace feels like an "after-thought add-on". Maybe I'm thinking of my own hips (which would not be happy with a white stripe around them)??
Love, love, love Mr. Morris ... looks just like him. He could go right over your heart!!

Marilyn said...

For me it would definitely be the black just because I love black and brights. And of course Morris is just way too cute not to have on your jacket.

margaret said...

looking so good but as to the lace what a decision to make as they both look good, I suppose it depends on when you will be wearing it but I know it is going to be so amazing can not wait to see you in it

Suztats said...

Morris looks fabulous. I like the look of the black as it seems to continue/extend the colour, and the embroideries will pop against it.

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