Rainbow launched!!!

For me the hardest part of a project is doing the initial groundwork....the ideas are easy....Once I have something going where I can work at it just by picking it up, I am fine.. So I was at that awkward stage with my rainbow jacket and plunged ahead this morning.

First I made some modifications in the pattern and then traced it on muslin for the foundation...and am not cutting it out.....leaving plenty or room around the pattern.  I am doing the pattern in a size larger than I need because I know things "shrink" with lots of stitching.  It is much easier to cut something back then add extra later....  I almost goofed and drew 2 right sides...  Only the body of the jacket will be CQ...the sleeves will be vintage lace doilies.

These are my rainbow colors and I need to find a LOT of coordinating fancies now.. and that will take a while.  I do have a bit of rainbow ribbon left over from Morris's book which will be perfect here.... 

Right now I'm thinking I will hand applique the patches to make the best use of my silks.  I'm miserable that the flip and stitch method. (that is why I always paper piece)  Maybe I don't like piecing because I am bad at doing it.

I immediately thought of a book I've had for years (and years) which I always have wanted to use as a resource for vintage reproduction of needlework.  It is filled with hundreds embroidery patterns collected by Virginia Baskervill who live in a plantation home, Waverly Honor in the mid 1800's.

A antique quilt Allie posted on facebook recently inspired me.  I do want bright colors which are way out of my comfort zone but what I like the most is that it is all embroidery.... no charms, lace etc. Also by using only embroidery, I can do a lot of it on a hoop which will reduce the shrinkage.  So you see with this project  I'm not straying too far from the Victorian era I love.

Here is another example of a quilt from the same era that is also all embroidery but more subdued colors that are in my comfort zone.. but rainbow it will be.... My Carole Samples stitch book will be my bible throughout this endeavor..  I'm sure you could find every single one of the stitches on these quilts in her marvelous, inspiring research.

Allie called these colors "musty" which is so appropriate....


margaret said...

good to see you have started on this project, how envioui am I that you have Carole Semples book, would love to see it but see to buy it is £207 new and £87 second hand on amazon!! bit out of my price bracket

Marilyn said...

Yummy - my kind of colours. And the vintage lace sleeves will be so pretty with the bright colours. You could do your paper pieced blocks and just put them on with a little bit of judicious hand applique to blend them in. That way there would be less of that type of piecing. I can hardly wait to see the progress reports.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I like how you will be using doilies for the sleeves, should control some of the fullness there. Yes indeed things shrink up when you begin stitching...found that out the hard way!

Momma Bear said...

hi Gerry!
i just posted a ton of vintage quilt pics on my blog from the Laconner quilt museum.
lots of yummy seams and motifs there! it's the 3rd or 4th post down from the top
let me know if you want the big JPG's and I will e-mail them to you

Suztats said...

This is going to be a knock-out jacket!

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