Have critters?

If you have deer or gophers or both then you must have this plant in your garden...Hellebore  It has so many positives qualities.

It is hardy zones 4-8
Nothing eats it
Blooms early along with daffodils
Has handsome leathery foliage
Is extremely drought tolerant
Medium size
Non invasive
Comes in lots of colors

I first became familiar with this plant because I needed to fill fairly large area with attractive foliage and needed something that was critter-proof and drought tolerant.. I planted the common variety Hellebore foetidus which is attractive but not too pleasant a smell...  which explains why nothing eats it.  I do cut it though and put it in bouquets with daffodils.

I seldom see it in gardens and I'm not sure why because the number of gorgeous hybrids are breath taking...

Just check out the selection at this nursery... http://www.thimblefarms.com/hellebore.html  


Marilyn said...

We have critters - especially this year because there was so much snow that there were all kinds of deer hanging around eating branches. Huge drifts so packed that they could walk on top of them. But, we both have brown thumbs so deer or moose eating them is not a big problem. And I think our zone is maybe 2 - 2.5. I looked that up because I wanted to grow some St. John's Wort to make the oil that I use on my wrist. It used to grow wild where I lived in BC but I've never seen any around here. I did order some dried from Richter's Herbs but it just doesn't have the potency of the stuff made from fresh - or the pretty red colour.

margaret said...

I do not have critters but this is a pretty plant so when I next get to the garden centre will check it out, especially like the second one

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