Points to ponder

I have so missed being in round robins the last 18 months and this RR is a good example.. They always open me to new ideas and options.  Plus they make me stretch as a stitcher.

Teresa asked for rain forest colors and if I had been first I'd never chosen the palette that is on the blocks but they are perfect. 

I love being able to pull the thread rings and narrow in on the colors and I created a new ring just for this project.

Do I still love my ring system? ....YES!!!! I might add again my source for the rings... by far the cheapest....

When I say the colors are perfect, just
look at the palette next to this red-eyed tree frog who lives in the rainforest.  Look at the tree frog colors and the parrot upper right in one of the fans.  Being third in this rotation I will use only the colors already introduced and have drawn from both blocks... It is most important that what I do is in harmony with the stitchers before me.   But I will want to add my own touch and you can bet it is going to be a red-eyed tree frog...He is just too precious..

That brings me to another thing I have been mulling over.  Years ago when I had my cataracts removed I was amazed at the intensity of the colors around me and realized I was seeing something entirely different than everyone else.  Now that my sight continues to worsen and dim ,  I realize it is happening again.  I know it really doesn't matter that you don't see what I see when I create something but somehow it does because I know I'm missing something. So it does give me a sense of security to be able to match colors to what someone else has chosen.


margaret said...

such a colourful tree frog, have not come across one of these in real life. Your colourrtange is beautiful and I am sure will work well on the RR challenge

Marilyn said...

The lovely little frog will be perfect. The coastal rain forest where I lived for many years on Vancouver Island is not nearly as colourful as a tropical rain forest. What a fun block to work on.

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