Time for a new CQ jacket

I do have a CQ jacket I made over 20 years ago and although I still love it, it  sadly shows its age and wear.  It has been all over the US, Australia and NZ and hand washed many times.  It is covered with everything relating to gardening and my travels, plus a lot of "witty" garden sayings... I made it during the years I used to speak at a lot of garden show and events.. It was my "uniform"  We often had a booth at these things as well and when it was time for me to speak I could just pop on my jacket.. 

But besides being old, it really had no style or shape and was made with vintage linens and  was too warm to wear in hot weather... So if I'm going to make another one I want:

1. for it to be lightweight so silks would be great
2. for it to have a little shape or style
3. suitable for indoor wear.

But on the other hand to be suited to CQ, the pattern has to be quite simple and that has been the problem... Every few years I would get the urge and search for the "perfect" pattern but to no avail.. They all needed major restyling so the project would be shelved again.

But the other day I think I have found the "nearly" perfect pattern, Butterick 5789.  It has some shape and still is very simple construction...  The only problem I see is that it is too long in back and that can be fixed.. It's especially too long for someone as short as I am and also I don't want to be sitting on stitching.

So I will probably make a trial version with old CQ pieces to iron out any problems before I make the "final version."  And the final version is going to be rainbow colors.  My rainbow door has made me smile all year and I think it would be fun wearing a rainbow coat  to make others smile.  So join me as I start this journey toward "Gerry's coat of many colors."


Marilyn said...

I like that pattern. I can never seem to find one I like. And rainbow smiles will be great - just think how many people you can make smile with your jacket.

margaret said...

love your jacket and lokf forward to following you on your journey of making the new one, good pattern, unlike you i would be making the front long to match the back, but I am tall

Mosaic Magpie said...

A suitable pattern is hard to find....especially when we are short. There seems to be quite a bit of fabric under the arms....just a thought.

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