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When I was searching for an image for my spring header I came across this piece I did for Ritva in 2011.  It was a round robin in which each stitcher picked her favorite artist and the rest of us had to translate that to stitchery.. The other stitchers chose an artist and we had to research their work for a painting or their style.

But Ritva did hers differently.   For each block Ritva pieced, she included a picture of the artist’s painting for inspiration.  She cleverly matched the piecing to the painting... Unfortunately I stitched over most of the piecing...  Ritva chose a Finnish wildlife artist -  Ferdinand von Wright.

Ritva's choice was a Finnish artist who painted the most lovely nature scenes and of course the birds stole my heart.

The artists chosen were very diverse including modern artists such as Georgia O'Keefe and Klee.
You can see the entire series of blocks on the CQI blog. 

Themes for RRs are quite predictable.... flowers, gardens, lace, Victorian, etc. So favorite artists was really out of the box, so to speak... It was one of my favorite RRs because it was such a challenge.


Shirlee Fassell said...

You certainly met the challenge and exceeded it!! Lovely choice for a header.

Marilyn said...

Its nice to have a reminder that spring is coming. I liked seeing the blocks made in that RR because it was so diverse. And I love your birds. We're having a nice warm spell but I'm sure we'll be in for more winter. After all, its only March. I think in the 7 years we have lived here the ball tournament across the road in the park has only had nice weather twice. The other times have been snow except for one that was really cold, miserable thunderstormy weekend. And I'm really ready for spring this year.

margaret said...

what a beautiful piece you stitched. I am taking part in a round robin with embroider friends group, there are 10 of us but we each choose our own theme, mine was gardens, wondering what it will be like when it comes back with everyone`s stitching on it

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