Tools and their own pockets....Planning

Antique chatelaines had the tools on little chains which were attached usually to a fancy brooch and pinned to your lapel...  You then had all these bits and bobs swinging about and getting in the way.  Not realizing that this was a mistake,  I used this same approach on my very first chatelaine and had all the tools just hanging on it...  I hated it.

So on my second chatelaine I made a pocket for EVERY tool and loved it.  Things were  accessible if I needed them and out of the way  when not in use.
No bits and bobs swinging here and there.

But ideally the pockets should be made BEFORE the embellishing and this requires decisions and planning.
Since this will probably be the last one I make for myself I needed to reevaluate what I had on my current chatelaine and see if I wanted to add or delete any tools..

So I laid out all the MOST necessary tools (1) a tiny pair of hemostats which I did not have on my current chatelaine but will definitely be on my new one.
(2) my favorite scissors.
(3) An awl. Mostly for making holes for button shanks but also a very useful tool  for teasing ribbon work as well. Had it before and will have again..
(4) This is a new tool for me...a needle threader intended for needlepoint... larger yarns and needles.  But I find it fabulous for threading Kreinik threads which separate like crazy.. It's so tiny that I think I will make a special pocket for it on the lining of the chatelaine.
(5) The is a seam ripper in a fancy, faux-silver case.   I had it on my first chatelaine, left it off my second, and thinking I may put it back on this new chatelaine.
(6) The is a genuine antique, sterling silver needle case which I've had about 50 years and treasure. It is especially nice because the cap is on a hinge and can't get lost...  I mostly use large-eyed  embroidery or quilter's needle and they will be on the needle pad (shown later) but I do like to have some ribbon needles, milliner needles, and some needles just for Kreinik threads.   These will be in the silver case as I do not use them as often.
(7) The little brass needle threader has just never worked well.  I'm going to rethink the whole needle-threader thing,
(8) Finally my pin cushion is so perfect it should be patented.. The problem with lapel and wrist pin cushions is the pins are protruding and getting in the way... By inserting them from the side   everything is  flat..When I make a new one I will show how to do it step-by-step.... BUT the little tassel hanging from it was cute but not necessary...

You may notice I do not use a thimble...  If you use one you will want to plan a pocket for it....maybe a stumpwork ladybug pocket...


Createology said...

I am intrigued with your Sewing Chatelaine and thank you sew very much for sharing your tips and tools. You have some beautiful treasures indeed. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

margaret said...

you have some lovely treasures to put on your chatelaine. I seem to be using a needle threader more these days, the eyes are not what they were, having all these pieces together like this will even more time to stitch instead of searching for mislaid pieces, I spend a great deal of time for looking for things which are usually under my nose all the time.

Marilyn said...

I can see why individual pockets for everything is a good idea. I manage to catch my threads on just about anything so I'm sure I'd manage to get them caught on dangly things. I had one of the brass needle threaders and never liked it. And then I finally broke the wire off it. I just get the cheap little white ones and they work well. And when they break I don't feel bad because I didn't pay a lot for them, unlike the brass one. My very favourite tool by my sewing machine is my awl. Never though to have one for my hand stitching but I might just have to get another one. I find that the brass lid got loose though. I'm going to see if I can find a different one.

crafty cat corner said...

I love this idea, might even get around to make one some time.
The seam ripper is beautiful.

Suztats said...

I like seeing your preplanning. Food for thought

Yvonne said...

I'm looking at this in 2016, and really like it. The idea of having all your tools close at hand is terrific. The only downside I've observed is that something hanging around your neck, however, handy, becomes too hot in the summer (I started doing CQ in Texas). Your tools are enviable. Love those antique useful things.

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