Chatelaine - first pattern part

I did get a pattern drawn on some freezer paper and the gals can trace it when they come... I'm trying to give everything extra thought as I just hate it when I finish something and realize I missed a step that is not redoable....  The material is very soft and not a very tight weave which could be a problem in the future so I will interface it with the knit tricot. My current one is a very tight weave...almost a twill and very durable obviously since I've use it about 20 years and toted it around the world.  Also instead of making separate pockets for skinny tools like I have on my current chatelaine, I am making one sectioned pocket like on a carpenter's apron.. The overall length is 42" and it is only 4" at the widest point.

At the thrift store on Wednesday (senior day) I found a full length skirt in a nice suede-like fabric that will be the perfect backing for this chatelaine....it seems like quite often I find just what I need at just the right time.....OR ELSE I am so flexible that I make anything I find seem like the perfect thing... LOL  whatever...  I love the skirt fabric.

The pattern for the lining is slightly different because of how I do the pockets..  So when I get it done and the pattern for pockets and the needle pad I will try to put it all  on a grid in case anyone wants to reproduce it.


Marilyn said...

I'm sure the ladies are going to have fun with your pattern. Do you make bound buttonhole style openings for the pockets or some other method?

margaret said...

I envy the ladies who will be doing this project with you, it sounds so intersting to stitch

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