Lining for chatelaine

The lining has two parts.  Sew together with a long stitch---6-8 to an inch.  This is because one the chatelaine is assembled this seam will be removed and become the pocket opening.  Press open and top stitch on both sides of the seam.

Last time I didn't take the time to embellish the lining but will do so on this one... I added a small lace just below where the opening will be...and then added this lovely venice lace rose...

The roses were salvaged from a thrift store teddy....a passionate purple satin just dripping with wonderful back lace of high quality... The sales clerk looks askance at an old frumpy lady buying this very naughty garment..

The lining pockets need their own lining so I cut this striped material just to fit behind the pockets.

Then I stitched across the tops of the bottom pockets and across both the top and bottom of the zipper pocket.  The sides will be secured when the project is assembled.

I'm hoping to have this project and the door finished by this weekend..

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Marilyn said...

I just finished up a cq pocket for a light box case for a friend so now I can start on my chatelaine, I think. At least try to find some fabric to use for a start. I'm eager to start.

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