Want to take a walk to the barn?

DH was looking for his favorite paring knife this morning and accused me of throwing it away..  If it wouldn't have been so difficult to get up again, I'd fallen to the floor laughing.... I NEVER throw anything away.  Now that I've decided to do the front door I am going to need some impressive lumber to do a frame around it and of course if I'm doing the door I will need to do a frame around the entry porch... So I decided to poke around the garden and barn this morning to see what is salvageable. What I do know is:

  • I will need several days for this project
  • DH must be out of town
  • It must be warm enough to take the door off its hinges.
  • I have VERY limited funds most of which need to go for paint.
In the big sewing room in the barn (formally the tea room) there are about 40-50 feet of shelf around two walls. They  are wonderful 2x10s.  I would need a strong body to help me get them down as they are about 10ft  above the floor and I have promised DH and my doctor to stay off ladders. I was much younger when I put the shelves up and used a pulley and a 12' ladder.

I was thinking of some birds I carved for a bench and thought they might be suitable for over the entry to the porch...I knew the bench had since collapsed and found the birds were in pretty bad shape..  But I do have this faux thing over a window in the barn shop which I will repaint and use.   How many people do you know who have lace curtains on their barn window...?

And speaking of doors... Remember when I had an emotional meltdown over a door...  Well the replacement door (not nearly as nice) and is still sitting there on sawhorses.  Wouldn't it be nice if I could find the perfect use for this door this summer...?


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I think your barn is like my husband 's 3 stall garage that has no room for even ONE car. HE never throws anything away either. If I have a bag going to Goodwill, I have to hide it and sneak it to the car before he goes through it (without my knowledge) and whatever he MUST keep finds its way to the back garage. We have taken loads and loads of scrap to the salvage yard. Enough to buy a used car for my grandson. Heaven help him next summer when I will be retired and home alone all day long...muaaaaaahhhhh.

Marilyn said...

Your barn is so full of treasures. I love the idea of the birds over the door and the bright colours. I can't wait to see it done....and hear about your DH's reaction. I know what my DH's would be (grin).

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