Fool the eye!

My April block will be done early because I am using it as a working example for my new class of students. The very first class is what I call "dressing" the block... I bring LOTS of stuff and they go through it a pile at a time pulling bits and pieces for their blocks...not attaching it but putting it into a clear bag I give them.   First laces, then ribbons, then cording , then rick rack, and then trims... By then they can lay their bag next to their block and see that almost without conscious effort they have created a bag of "harmony" for their block... No matter what they take out of the bag  will work.. If this initial dressing stage is skipped, I feel it is impossible to backtrack.

But on my block that I'm starting to "dress"  I have a special situation.  I want the theme of this block to be bluebirds and forget-me-nots... a really true blue... but the patch upper left (see X) is an aqua blue which clashes... I'm sure everyone has tried to match two colors thinking they will be perfect but when placed next to each other they either clash or look like a different color... So I can either remove the patch and replace it with a better blue or I can overwhelm it with 7-8 shades of the blue I want and then magically it will begin to appear to be a soft green...  And the latter is what I'm going to do.



margaret said...

I can just picture your students all rummaging in your supplies to find what they want. I slipped up doing my 12 blocks all at once and not putting the lace etc into the seams, never mind there is always next year.

Marilyn said...

Its no wonder I love reading your blog. You always share such great tips. I probably would have had to take out the piece that I thought didn't go.

crafty cat corner said...

I have often almost abandoned a block thinking it was not to my liking but in every case once the bits and pieces start to go on it looks okay.
I like the bluebird and forget-me-not theme is lovely, look forward to seeing it progress.

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