Christmas past...long past!

While I'm assembling my Morris book and waiting for my eye to settle I'll share a couple of my favorite RR Christmas blocks (6") I did about 5 years ago...

I love doing "pictorial"  seams.. You see the trees and stars right off but I love the presents seam on the left.  I always forget about using those block seams... I embroidered the bear right on the block....now I would have done it on felt and appliqued it on.... much easier and neater.

Since the candy cane fabric was so graphic I chose to keep the imagery  really simple on this piece.  Anything less would have been overwhelmed by the fabric... Actually I believe it was the frustration of doing satin stitching directly on these blocks that was the impetus for me to start doing it off block on felt.

To get to town we have to travel one of the most dangerous roads in the county... At the end of the road leading from our house is a stop sign that people are always sliding through when it's icy....  I did it myself  years ago before there was so much traffic out this way...  Someone did it yesterday about the time I was returning from the doctors. Unfortunately they were hit broadside as they slid  out... The vehicle that hit them was totaled also... There were still 3 paramedic vehicles there as I came home.

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Marilyn said...

Your Christmas blocks are really cute. I like the Christmas trees seam. And the elf is just right for the candy cane block. Be very careful at that slippery corner.

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