Morris and a 38D

This page is a last minute addition.... but now I'm glad I included it.... Anytime Morris can snag one of my bras he whisks it away to his bed...  There he either buries it in his quilt or tucks it under his chin for a snuggle.  Whenever I start to dress and can't find my bra I know exactly where to look.... I must confess that it is not all that often I wear a bra anymore.

I actually found a pattern for this tiny doll bra on the internet. The bra is lace and a bit of flat cording and stitched.  I also can now thread a needle with one eye.. I do everything CQ now with one eye closed. I would use a patch but Dr. said not to cover it while it's healing..

Update: No change in double vision but some sensation is returning to the nerves on the left side of my face.  Unfortunately the sensation returning is pain... And only 15 days until the days get longer.  I live for that day.


Marilyn said...

Wow, its impressive that you could crochet the doll bra with your double vision. I hope it clears up soon. And sorry to hear that it is pain sensation returning. Heal quickly.

gocrazywithme said...

What a tiny little bra! Great addition to a fun block! Those quirks are part of what makes our furry kids so beloved, and I'm glad you included Morris's bra fetish.

Suztats said...

Morris looks so cute in his bra hat! A great addition.
Hope the pain subsides real soon, and you heal quickly.

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