Soutache + Painted Button.... Surprise

I spend hours huddled over a magnifying glass at a work table and then my tiny painted buttons venture out into the world and I seldom get to see what happens to them...  But when I do I am always amazed at the next level of creativity...

Here is a prime example.  Kathy bought this gold finch button to make a necklace for her sister who loves gold finches... Using soutache braid, crystals and tiny pearls she has created a stunning, totally unique pendant. I was ecstatic to get to see it in person when she came to do CQ yesterday.

I fell in love with soutache jewelry about a year ago and wanted to adapt it to crazy quilting.  I even bought a bunch of soutache braid at one point... After seeing this I am all inspired again...

Here is my post about soutache which has a link to a french soutache tutorial sent to me by one of my very best button customers who is French.    http://olderrose.blogspot.com/2011/12/fantastic-soutache-tutorial.html I googled images today for soutache and was amazed at what's out there now...apparently it's hot stuff now.... When I first looked into it about a year ago there was very little information.

Another of my stitchers, Sherrie, likes to add  exquisite tiny monograms in the corner of her work to personalize it... Here is one on her current piece.  It is  absolutely joyful little "S". When I said tiny, I meant only hardly more than an inch.  What a lovely touch to add to your needlework...

I cut what seems like miles of bias binding and am starting to assemble my Morris book.  I will take pictures as I go along for a tutorial...


  1. I can see why you love the goldfinch pendant. It is gorgeous. I just might have to make my frog into one. He's too special just to put any old where. And I also love Sherri's initial. So many ideas, so little time (sigh). I've finished my big project - only thing I don't like about it is that I no longer have it spread out on my design board so I can look at it when my computer is chugging away at something. Now I'm making myself a pair of mukluks. I've been promising myself to make them for several years and now its happening. Good thing as we're in for another arctic freeze this week.

  2. Quite off topic but I could hardly wait to tell you that I just got a message from Lovely Little Stitches telling us about you and your CQ workshop. This looks like a lovely collaboration.

  3. Just found your blog through Craft Gossip - what incredible work!


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