The final plan (sorta)

Everything now will be spontaneous placement.  The strawberries (ripe and unripe) and the beak will be stumpwork.. Shapes cut out of felt and then embroidered over.  The leaf shapes 1,2 & 3 will be satin stitched with Krienik threads and worked off block... The stems for the berries and leaves will be the same large cording I used around the bird.

Here is how the bird looked when I cut it out and pinned it in place.  I wanted  a blank space below the head and where the leaf curves up. The will act as a frame for the stolen fruit.  (see above photo)

The minute I pinned it on the block I knew I had made the right decision with the choice of fabric and leaving the metallic body unadorned.

I love using the larger cording when outlining something to be appliqued. I give it just the slightest roll outward and it pulls under any loose threads as I stitch it down..  I stitch almost all the way around and leave a small opening by the tail and then stuff it slightly with some batting.

I cut the leaf shapes from paper and pin them around until I am satisfied with them.  Then I can figure out the best placement for the strawberries.

If you look closely you can really see how much larger the braided cording is than the fine cording I used for the leaves... As I look at it now I realize I haven't used any of the gold braid in my stash.  I will try to incorporate some into my larger leaves...

Unfortunately I must dash into the shower and be off.  I'll be unable to stitch very little for 3-4 days.  It's a shame because I'm on a roll with this and could stitch nonstop for hours and hours..


Marilyn said...

What a great tip about the cording on the edge of the applique. And the bird looks scrumptious. I do so love watching your blocks progress :)

Helga said...

Hi Gerry,
your work is only wonderful.
Please, what´s the engl. name of the golden material under the bird?


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