Addressing a few problems and a few tips.

I know I cannot get my life back on track until I catch up with the CQJP so that is my priority for next week. If I get too far behind I know myself well enough that I will abandon the project all together. I hope to finish this one by Sunday evening...

I have one power strip of orange which needs to be repeated or echoed elsewhere... It won't take much as orange is so strong.

Also if you look at all the pink arrows you see that I have 4 ribbons approximately the same width and I need to address that problem..  First the seam treatment on the yellow visually breaks it up into squares (which echos the checks upper left.)  The rainbow ribbon has the stripes that makes it unique and it doesn't compete with the remaining orange and white ribbons..

One technique I use a LOT is layering ribbons and trims to change their shape...  Here the orange is divided immediately into two thin elements by layering a  strip of black on it.

The white ribbon can be expanded with another seam treatment.. On it I want to incorporate dots to echo the dots by the saying and the dots of all the puppy toes.

You can see just 3 buttons will are strong enough to balance out the orange...

One thing I REALLY want you to notice... a perfect example of two photos, one of which has had the color saturated and the other not...  It is especially apparent in the color of the fur on Morris.. This error happened by accident... I was so stressed with printer problems and only having one sheet of transfer paper left, I failed to catch that I had downloaded the unsaturated photo.... But it is an excellent example why you should be saturating the color in your photos.

Here the blocks are side by side .

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Marilyn said...

I like it when you point out problem areas and fixes for them. A lot of times when I look at my blocks, I know something is off but I can't articulate it. Most times I just keep trying different things until I like the look and usually I come up with something I like but it would be nice to be able to spot something right off and know what the problem is. I keep on learning :)

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