CQJP 7 "Who says Corgis aren't lap dogs"

It is generally written that Corgis are rather independent and aloof....not a good lap dog... Obviously Morris missed that chapter as he is definitely a "lap dog"

The "Do Not Disturb" sign is temporary until my new package of transfer fabrics come and I can print it in the same font as the blurb...  I'm really happy with the distribution of orange on the fabric...it moves the eye quite nicely around the block..

What to use for the "peek-a-boo" flap has been a problem as they tended to be too stiff, bulky, flimsy or difficult to work on.  But I have happened on the perfect solution... 2 or 3  layers of felt bonded together with "Heat and Bond"  I will go back and replace a couple now that I've found a solution I really like...

When you lift this "Do Not Disturb"  peek-a-boo flap here is the image you see.

I am actually working a little ahead of schedule and will be caught up by the end of the month..

Next block is "Morris in the Forest"

p.s. this photo was one of my alternate choices for  this block


Judys Fabrications said...

Oh!!What a LOVELY doggie!!I can almost feel how comforting Morris would be sitting on one's lap.

Marilyn said...

I miss having a cuddly dog. The only time Chevy is remotely cuddly is when he is starting to wind down from a thunder storm panic attack or if he isn't feeling well. Mind you, it would be pretty hard to fit a collie on one's lap although he isn't much bigger than our last male rotti and we would sit on the couch and he would put his front legs over my lap. The female was small enough that she could curl up on my lap if I was sitting in my chair though. Still a 55 pound rotti was fairly heavy for any length of time.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

This is a sweet block Gerry. Each animal has their own personality and set of rules ~ lol.

Susan Elliott said...

Adorable!!! This quilt is just awesome!!@!

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