Hoffman Winners 2012

The winners are available at their site....  If you remember I made the announcement about this time last year that I was entering the 2012 Hoffman Challenge no matter what and I bought the fabric and coordinates with every good intention of doing just that......  But as things kept piling up in my life that was one of the first things to go...  Another was a  CQ project with my Victorian corset images...

The primary fabric is always such a large scale print and the rules say it has to be recognizable.  I find it hard to envision such large prints on an accessories project..or a garment.... So  yesterday I looked at the winners more closely with this in mind...  You can see they solved the problem by  cutting the large prints into very small pieces. To me this is kinda cheating because the fabric is only recognizable only because you see all its colors.. but they won so I can't argue with that solution.

The 1st place doll (on the left) only had one  piece of the primary fabric and in a unfinished state at that.  The second place is a doll by Patti LaValley who must win every year...  She only used the challenge fabrics on her fish and only on the tail and fins at that.

The accessories winners were almost all bags and the 1st place was crazy quilted.  I checked the traveling exhibits but didn't recognize any names from CQI this year..

I still want to enter this challenge but as I looked at the 2013 challenge fabric I wasn't excited by it.  I thought maybe if I chopped it all up into smaller pieces I might like it better....  I didn't !!

But on a positive note I still have the 2012 Hoffman fabric which would work great for my abandoned CQ project with corset images so next spring I can start that.  Also to go with the corset images and 2012 fabric I have some fabulous pastel silk ribbons I won from Carol Steemson's shop "Daisy's Garden"  which will also be perfect with such a project.


Marilyn said...

I've never even been tempted to enter the Hoffman Challenge because I'm not a huge fan of large prints. I do like some of their smaller coordinating prints though. Your corset ladies project looks like a fun one. Can't wait to see it.

gocrazywithme said...

I don't like the 2013 fabric either. It looks like it would be a challenge indeed!

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