Rough plan for Golden Frog..... "Ribbit"

Well here is the rough plan for my gold frog...  he'll be so handsome who needs a prince? ... I'm still waiting for word from Cathy but I love the idea of a golden frog so if she doesn't want it, someone will eventually get it..

I was thinking of technique etc.  while Morris was enjoying his morning cuddle before we got up to face the busy day... Last night when I was looking at gold fabric I ran across a piece of antiqued gold lace which would be perfect for the back (once embellished)...

I will work the frog itself on a hoop and put all the layers down (3 colors of tulle and lace) and cut away as I couch the cording...  (Mola style)

I will have to work on his mouth a bit.... He looks too happy and I don't want a cartoon frog.


Cathy said...

Surprise, surprise! How exciting to see my blocks.

I didn't get an email if you sent it to the email on the tracking sheet. Our ISP changed their email server so it is now same but change netins.net to csteldridge.com

But, to answer your question...I have no fear of frogs and love your idea. (who wouldn't?) I have a frog that lives on our deck and some that croak out by the water garden that I love to listen to at night with the windows open. Also have a whimsical frog solar light out in the garden. So...stitch on.

I have to tell you...I saw your comment on the work I did on Kerry's goldwork and you mistook the roses for a beetle so my artwork, stitching and/or photography leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

explanation of work blogged at
in case you are interested.

Susan Elliott said...

Looks like a good plan Ger. And my favorite...? I think life would be a lot better for all of us if we had a lame lily pad!!

Marilyn said...

I think one of the reasons I like your work so much is that you use curved lines a lot. And what a gorgeous frog. I can hardly wait to see him stitched. Too bad Cathy likes frogs (grin)

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