Progress report

Today it is raining buckets but since it will probably be our last good rain for 2 1/2-3 months no one is complaining... Except for making a meatloaf for dinner, I have a good part of the day free to stitch.. I have been digging through my gold stash finding ribbons etc. to use in the floral spray on this block..  I want to use some of the gold work from the sari I bought earlier this spring also..

I had planned to use some color in the floral arrangement but have decided to use white satin cording, crystals and pearls instead... As usual my vision is too ambitious for the space available but I'm forging ahead. Having visions too ambitious for space and time available has been a lifelong problem...  On the positive side I do get a lot done but on the negative side I'm always frustrated at not getting all I had planned done.

I mentioned in the last post that I used a little glue on the ends of cording to control the fraying....then once attached I can cut the gluey part off.  I'm going to need to do that with many of the braids as well...especially the tiny ones I'm using on the bottle...  The pieces are so short they disintegrate before I get them on. Another thing I figured out is that if I start a braid in the middle and work towards both ends, it is easier to NEATLY turn the ends under..  Fraying is a big issue with both braids and cords..


Momma Bear said...

I have found that "fray check" does a really good job of keeping the wrapped threads,braids and cording from shredding while I use them.
it also doesn't leave an unmanageable blob at the end.

Susan Elliott said...

This is going to be beautiful on that red/pink background!

Marilyn said...

I really like the texture on the perfume bottle. And the cameo you have to put on it. I tend to want to put too much detail into things I make. I constantly have to work to achieve a look I want with less. I'm blessed (???) with the perfectionist gene I think. But in the last few years I have been able to loosen up a lot.

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