Transfer and Baste

As I always like to do, I transferred the design to the back of the block and basted the major outlines through to the front... I usually use a basting thread close to the color of the block but this time I used colored threads so you could see the stitches better.. I do NOT like making marks on the front of the block and I do NOT like working through tissue paper.

Before I put any cording on at all I start thinking about where to start and stop the cording as hiding the ends is always a problem..(see pink arrows). especially if it is something like the satin cording which frays... Making these decisions before I start save headaches and anguish later.

I use three methods.. I use an awl and make a hole to send the cording to the back..  I stitch the end of the cording securely BEFORE I cut it off.... or I hide it with sequins, beads or buttons.. I'll be using all three techniques on this block and will point them out as I go along.

The base of the petals of the flowers and the tail feathers are the most critical because several pieces of cording converge.

Speaking of satin cording, it is one of my all time favorite materials...  In 2009 I bought 10 yards of gold in Colorado and use it to the last inch...  I found more in CT last fall at the bead store and they only had a limited amount but I bought it all...


Arlene White said...

Looking forward to this one. I've started designing my peacock for Wendy's block that you added your magnificiant Peacock too. I am really enjoying the RR, thanks so much for getting it going again Gerry.


Marilyn said...

I like your method of transferring the design to the back of the block. Much tidier. And I like the tips about the satin cord too. I've never used it on a block. Could it be because on only have white, black and neon green?

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