Milking Sheep

The best way to get up close and personal to a sheep is to milk it by hand. They have to trust you completely . First I spend time talking sweetly to them.. The softer I speak the more they lean in to hear me. Next I begin to train them to go on a milking stand to get some sweet grain as a treat. Then I eventually start closing the neck bar and massaging their udder. All this is done before they lamb and are still quite calm..

After the lambs are weaned around 3 months old, I can begin milking and the ewes are comfortable with the whole procedure. I talk to them while I milk and if the stream of milk slows or they tense up, I massage their udder and start singing a few bars of "Ewe are my Sunshine, my only sunshine........."

BTW: Goat and cow's milk is only around 4 % butterfat and sheep's milk is 9%. Sheep's milk makes the most wonderful creamy cheese ever.....


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

So what is it about tunis? I just love to look at them, they're so pretty! You have some beautiful girls :)
I realized you weren't new to us (a lucid moment lol) when I saw the picture of you on the side board of your blog; I have seen that pic before, on NTSRI site. So anyway, you're new to me :)

Ati. Norway. said...

Gerry, this remind me on my youth while I was taking care of the newborn lambs and sheep. Altough we never milked the sheep. All the milk was for the lambs. Here is Norway they make sheep and goat cheese and it taste super!
Your sheep look so nice and I can see they trust you :)

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