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When I joined the Fabulous Fans RR everyone came up with unique interpetation of fan blocks except me. I was the ONLY person who did boring traditional, sane-quilt fan blocks. Doing something different never even occurred to me. It's this creative approach by others that continues to amaze and excite me. Below is Jo Newsham's solution to a series of fan blocks. Jo requested the random fan shapes be the focus and embellished and any work on the background remain neutral .

Cathy and Bonnie worked their magic on these fans. Beautiful seams and ribbonwork.... These are only 6" blocks so the fans are really quite small...

Then along came Leslie Erhlich who always thinks outside the box. I LOVE following her as everything she does inspires me. When the blocks arrived at my house I couldn't stop looking at it. I still love looking at it. Traditional fans often had landscape scenes painted on them but it never occurred to me to do it with embroidery. Bravo Leslie!!!

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Murgelchen94 said...

I dont know, do this work. But now, I know it.
My english is very old and bad.

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