Libidinous Behavior

Remind me next breeding season that if I still have two rams that I need to stick my head in a gas oven. Not only do they need to be in separate pastures, they can't even be in adjoining pastures. They can't even be where they can see each other at a distance.

I'm busy draping tarps over fences to block their line of sight so they can't covet each other's ewes and start banging heads against the fences. To make matters worse Dolly, who is with Randy Andy, has been flirting over the fences with the younger ram, DJ. She has been making salacious cooing noises and flicking her tongue in and out. Of course this libidinous behavior on her part is driving both rams crazy .

My sheep are Tunis, a relatively rare heritage breed that were first imported to the US by Thomas Jefferson. They were the dominant breed in the South until the Civil War when Union troops killed almost all of them. Since I have long been involved in collecting and propagating hertitage roses, the challenge of helping to preserve this heritage breed of sheep had great appeal to me.... I'm trying to keep meticulous records and make sure I don't inbreed. But I'm beginning to entertain the idea of diversifying their gene pool and maybe next season calling "Rent-A-Ram" .......


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Hi! I found you through a google search, I raise tunis also! It was a suprise to see someone else so close here, its nice to know so we can keep our lines diversified. I dont plan on bringing or buying any more sheep from Ohio, they are getting too big for my tastes.
I havnt had any troubles yet with my rams, I havent seperated them out yet this year, we like to lamb in March. They did OK last year though. Not sure why :)
You are a very talented woman! I love your water color of your MIL, and the love just radiates from it.
I am going to add your blog to my list of places to frequent, hope to see more pictures of your sheep!

Cathy K said...

Rent-a-Ram?!?!? hahahaha! ROFLOL!! No wonder we only keep one ram at the Farm!!! Hugs, Cathy

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