My place in the sun!!!

All spring I have been looking for a space to capture a little sun when I want to be outside.  I have this lovely area that's like a courtyard. It's protected on one side by the house, another side by the fence and on the last side by the deck . It not only captures  sun. it shields me from the wind. If you look closely you can see I have a tiny table and two chairs there.  It is this area that I "really work" potting, dividing, mixing  soil and fertilizer.  The green bin for yard waste and the composting bin are in this area. It is also where I just sit and think and plan.  And now and then I fuss in my treasured raised beds.  This small area is my paradise on earth.

The long narrow area in the left front was all red rock when we moved in but I planted rhubarb, lavender, perovskia, and sage right in the rock.  I also have all my pots of succulents there for the summer.  All seem happy.

But now the dog days of summer are here and we are at least a a month of 90 + days and I am looking for a place in the shade and find there's very little shade in my new garden The only place is a relatively narrow strip along the fence so I will have to put at least one bench there. Luckily I brought along all my scraps of iron and metal now I have to bring some wood to make the benches.  In the meantime I may have to find a box to sit on here.

  I have just the pieces in mind. This piece has been around so many years I can't remember where or why I bought it.. Someone painted part of it and I was going to remove that so it will be all rust.  It looks like an old headboard but the way it is constructed will make it tricky to attach to wood..  winter/rainy day project for sure.

Also it's a possibility of having a small table and chairs in the far corner right near the thicket,  I'll have to keep that in mind when I'm planting that area and leave a small space I can tuck in a tiny table and one or two chairs. It is only about four foot square and right now I'm using this area as a temporary spot for plants waiting for their permanent spot.

At the farm the small  deck in the front was a great place to sit in January/February when the sun was shining because you were up against the wall and protected from the wind,  I have similar place here on the south side of the house that is somewhat protected by the wind by the deck and captures the full sun against that big wall.   I've always wanted to build an "alcove" bench so this may be the opportunity.  The nice thing about having a small garden that every thing you do makes a big impact.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You are far more busy than I can be. When we moved to this mountain in CA I vowed that I would not work outside when the temps are that high. We have been hitting 107 regularly. I don't even feel guilty but I do go out to the deck and enjoy the daily wind that blows through. It's a grand place. When I read you were moving so long ago I thought I could never do that and yet here we are.
xx, Carol

Penny Wessenauer (d0npen) said...

This all looks so inviting!

gocrazywithme said...

So glad to see you posting again. Your absence worried me! Your yard looks so lovely and inviting and I can tell you're having fun with it despite the work.

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