My proper thicket!!!!

I did a post a couple days ago and right after I posted it I went in to correct an error and lost it.  I will try to repeat the highlights.  Giving up my forest was hard but I am planting a proper thicket to compensate.  Here you see the beginning with 3 Oregon grape, 2 black currants, 2 Clavey's honeysuckle bushes, 1 quince, 1 viburnum, 1 elderberry, 1 bird cherry and one dwarf crabapple.  This thicket will eventually displace a LOT of lawn. Every thing I planted  provides habitat and food for birds.  I think it deserves a name...."Bird Haven Thicket"

I also decided I have enough space for a small 6x8' greenhouse.  I would love one like this glass one which you can actually buy as a kit for about $6000+.

But I am going for something less spectacular and will order it when the farm sells.  It takes 6-8 weeks to come and I would love to have it in place by fall so I can use it in the spring.  More grass gone.  Haven't told DH about this yet.

Next week will bring a dramatic change in weather and will be in the mid to upper 80s so I must plant like crazy this week.


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