Requested greenhouse information

Someone requested more info on how I'm choosing my greenhouse.  First I only have room for a 6x8' so that narrowed the field.  I am the first to admit this is a toy for my old age and an expensive one.  But on a positive note it will extend the season that I can be outside and working with plants.... a very healthy thing for me mentally and physically.

When we owned the nursery we had two 20x100' greenhouses so I am well aware of problems of high winds and heavy snow load. So I immediately dismissed kits in the $100-$200.  Then there seemed to be three price brackets remaining...  $500-$700 range, $1500-$1800 range, and then $4000+ range
....after reading volumes of reviews I also dismissed the $500 range as not standing up to our winters here and I won't live long enough to justify spending the $4000+ range.  Here is a good link to midrange greenhouses for an overview....


So now I am in the process of taking a real close look at the joinery,weight and materials and am at this point drawn to a redwood one made here in this country and it runs about $1800 and seems to be a good compromise and heavy enough to hold up.  If one is too lightweight, even if it has cement tie downs, a good strong wind will shred it. So when I make a final decision you can be sure it was not in haste. This is the link to the one that is the front runner at the moment. https://epicgreenhouses.com/sunshine-greenhouses.php/

All the years I did thousands of rose cuttings I always wanted to try doing clematis cuttings so this would be a chance to try something new and interesting that doesn't depend on keen eyesight.  Also all the years on the farm when water was scarce, I was limited to drought tolerant plants.  Now I have a sprinkler system and would like to try my hand at growing annuals from seed to fill in my beds.


Lady Locust said...

That glass one in the last post is drool-worthy! Have to say, I was a follower and "lost you" somewhere along the way but have just "refound" you :-) and so glad. Your garden is looking beautiful. I have some catching up to do.

JustGail said...

Thank you for the greenhouse information! Wind is a huge issue here, winds of 20-30 mph for a few days at a time is pretty common, especially in spring. I too am thinking it would be primarily for starting seeds, especially after this spring - quantity and selection seemed greatly lacking this year, not to mention the cost for quantities I'd like in a couple of places. At least in the few green houses and garden centers I got to.

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