Yoga and Doo Wopping

I don't particularly  want to do this but I would love to be able to get down on the floor and be able to get up without help.  When my DIL Vivian was here recently she found  a small yoga studio only about 15 minutes away and she went every day.  Just before she left she signed me up for the beginners class which starts next week... I know I should go but every yoga photo I see is not user friendly. 
I have a stack of yoga and exercise dvds which are unopened and I just can't get motivated to do it alone.  I discovered a neighbor keen to do it also and DH has offered to drive us.    And if we can do it maybe we will sign up for their curvy class.

So last trip out to thrift stores a yoga mat and yoga pants were on my list... Found them and this foam massage thingy which I'm using on the bottom of my feet.

But on senior day at my favorite thrift store they play music from the 50s.  I wasn't  interested much then but now I like hearing those old songs.  I couldn't think of any of the group names and when I was in the lamp section they were playing a great song and  I had to  step lightly to the music and saw a man about my age nearby.  I asked him if he knew who the artists were... He said is was on the tip of his tongue and it would come to him... I kept running into him in the store and it got to be a joke.  We'd do a few Doo Wop steps and he'd say he was still  thinking.  At  one point a young lady giggled at us old timers... I told her that she was too young to be there on senior day and what did she expect...  But this time I wrote the names of the songs down to find them on Pandora.

I discovered if I entered the "Clovers" in Pandora all kinds of great music groups came up.. Dell/Vikings, Dion/Belmonts, Platters, Everly brothers, Drifters,  etc. and if I entered Fats Dominos I got him plus Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke  and on and on.  I have been doo wopping all over the house since Tuesday.  Bring on the yoga!!!!


Momma Bear said...

you want a few girls in there too like the Shangra-las, Martha and the Vandellas,the Marvelettes, the Shirells, the Ronetts, and of course the Supremes. isn't stream of consciousness music fun?

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I would never have thought doo wop was good prep for yoga, but bring it on. I hope you grow to love yoga - I used to go to classes and really enjoyed it.

Shirlee Fassell said...

Yoga is great for maintaining your ability to move. It’s really good for you!

Marilyn said...

Nothing like that where I live (yoga). You made me smile thinking about you dancing about the thrift store. Unless I could find a yoga where I didn't have to get on the floor I couldn't do it. Knees are shot from years of ladders and once I get down I need a crane to get me up. Hope it works out for you :)

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