caught up and GREAT TIP!!!

No pending project has a deadline... a new experience for me... but all wedding projects are done and I can do what moves me and am finishing smaller UFOs.  One of my dearest friends became a new grandmother just before Christmas.  I found these lovely 2" MOP discs and decided to paint the baby on one for a Christmas ornament for next year.  Meet Federico, born in Como Italy on Dec. 18, 2017. 
My three oldest grandchildren are almost thirty and a year ago not one was even dating anyone special.  Now a year later all three may be married soon....one  the upcoming wedding, another soon after her graduation  and the final one has a serious interest in someone.  I never even gave a thought to being a great grandmother and now it is very likely indeed.
So while I am gathering bits for the fiesta necklace I am going to start on the spider webs... Already back tracking though.  I took the back side of the bag to CA to do the vine and never took a stitch so have decided to move forward on the front with the webs and flowers.  I can always have a tapestry back if necessary. If I have the webs done I can work on the flowers when we take Morris on his vacation in March.
GREAT TIP!!  This is one of my better ones. Many of you will recognize this green thing as a Starbuck's stopper or if you don't some of your friends will.  I started saving these little sticks several years ago because they were just the right length and shape to stir the craft paint which settles in the bottom of the bottle.  Worked perfectly but since then I have found many uses....
1. Great for applying dabs of glue
2. Mixing epoxy
3. For appetizer skewers
4. For shaping cuticles
5. Perfect to apply bait to mouse traps.

I saved them, DH saved them and soon all my friends were saving them for me.


Shirlee Fassell said...

Your button “baby” is sweet! Just got my morning coffee at Starbucks and have my first swizzle stick. Great tip.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Obviously I am going to have to visit Starbucks! Your baby button is adorable and I know will become a treasured gift. Fingers crossed for great-grands to appear in the near future. In the meantime sounds like there might be some weddings to enjoy.

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