Foliage and Yoga Dog

I'm telling Morris..."inhale - exhale- relax" and he does!

Earlier I gathered up any bits in my laces that were leaf-like and dyed them.. I will use them as part of the base for the ribbon flowers. 

I used Kreinik very fine  gold thread for the webs.  It is a little heavy, but since this is a bag that will be used I went for a heavier thread.

Having  all the vines will make it easier to get a nice flowing motion to the foliage.  There will be many kinds of foliage in lace, ribbon and threads.... plus a few more webs.


Marilyn said...

Ya gotta love a dog who supports you in all you do. Sounds like your bag is coming along :)

Marjorie Hair said...

Love the pic of you and Morris. Looking forward to seeing the progress on the bag.

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