Let's talk tools

I'm the first to admit that I'm a tool "junkie"  and am always buying tools that I think will be fabulous and they are a dud.  But I've had some good luck lately and this first tool is absolutely fabulous and there are just not enough superlatives that I can use to describe it... If you have ever had a problem threading needles you will love this.

First it is about the size of a donut and fits perfectly in any sewing tote.  Second your hands are free when you use it...

The lid goes up and it telescopes out and HAS A LED LIGHT (battery operated).  You can get
your hand with a needle right under it.  It came just before I went to Kansas City and everyone saw me doing a happy dance every time I used it...  I keep it wherever I'm working when I am at home.

This would make an excellent gift for any friend with vision problems.  It is available at Amazon/

Next when I stitch away from home I use a travel light...  I have at least 5 or 6 of them... Some too big, some not enough light but my favorite up until now was this OTT led light which can be used with either batteries or electricity....

It is nice and compact to take in a suitcase and give good light with AC/DC.  I took this one to London.  Hotel rooms are notorious for inadequate lighting.

But it is going to be discontinued and my new one is better.

I just bought this one before we left for Seaside and it too folds down perfectly to fit in a suitcase or sewing bag.  It is about 5X6"....not much bigger than my cell phone but thicker.

But it too telescopes out and is very adjustable.  It can be used with batteries but it can also be used with electricity which gives a better light. I really like the option of either power source.  It is very adjustable and I can bring it right over my needlework...

The light is led and very bright.  In fact it has two brightness settings.  I've only had it about a month and have only taken it on one trip but so far I love it.

It   is available at Amazon.

Now I am never without these glasses with the flip down magnifying lenses. They are very light weight and I can slip them on quite comfortably over my prescription glasses..  Mostly at home I work directly under my large magnifying lamp but there are times that I need  to see close and also farther away and then I can look right over these magnifiers.

I do NOT like the ones that clip onto my regular glasses where I would have to constantly be putting them up or down and the weight of the clip-ons drag my glasses right now my nose and are also very uncomfortable.  These are working great.

Again... Amazon 

These have become a godsend for playing cards where I have to see the cards in my hand and look  at the cards on the table.

I've saved the latest new tool for last.  This does count as a stitching aide as I am usually off stitching when the kitchen is filling with smoke. I recently blogged about our loss of Molly and how she was so diligent about alerting me when the stove timer went off... I am constantly "overbrowning" things without her... For me this is a very big problem.   I began searching for timers but almost all just ding or buzz for a short interval and quit and also the alarm levels were not adjustable.  But I have found this.  It is designed for a noisy restaurant kitchen station.

It is large and plugs into electricity.  The alarm is adjustable up to 90 decimals and will not stop until you turn it off manually.  Besides the siren it has a flashing red light.  And once it goes off it begins recording the length of time it has been ringing.

It too is available at Amazon and is quite large (about 5 x 7" and weighs a pound) and also very pricey but Molly would approve...  I really miss my "kitchen buddy."

Product Features
  • Volume Control Dial - Adjusts Alarm Up To 90 dB
  • Large, Easy to Read Display
  • Flashing Red Alarm Light Can be Seen Across a Room
  • Automatically Counts Up Once Timer Has Elapsed
  • Non-Skid Rubber Feet


Magpie's Mumblings said...

These look to be great tools but I admit to coveting that little light.

margaret said...

lots of handy gadgets here. I sew a lot in the kitchen and have a double florescent tube lght there on the ciling with daylight glow to it and must admit if in any other room struggle. So far do not need extra glasses, I have varifocals and they are enough for the time being.
Saturday I was at the MQG meeting and Drew one of the members had 40 mini lights on his sewing machine that made it so bright bit over the top for me but he certainly and his wife and daughter all have them on their machines now.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'll have to check out that timer. I can never find a timer that actually works right. I been using the timer on my microwave or my phone, which works out pretty well.
xx, CArol

Suzie in Idaho said...

All of these look extremely useful. Thanks for the info. Suzie in idaho

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