Home again

Home again.  We have made this trip four years in a row with our friends and it is always a joy and before we left we reserved our condo for next year.  We share a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with kitchen.

Both Cristina and I love to cook so we ate well, plus enjoyed the ocean and played a lot of bridge. 
This picture was taken at Multnomah  Falls on the way home.
The weather was spectacular which was rare for the Oregon coast in late fall.

Our condo was right on the beach and the view was breathtaking..  I never tired of watching the tides roll in and out.  My favorite thing each year is to rise when it is still dark and watch the morning colors unfold.

And when I say we played a lot of bridge I mean a LOT of bridge...from mid day to late night every day... You can't blame not winning on bad cards in this situation. Every person in this picture sitting in the same direction is playing exactly the same hand of cards (hence the term duplicate).  You just have to play it better.  There is dealing machine that deals out the hand before each event starts.  We played mostly in team events with our friends.  DH is very competitive and loves this.  Not me but I do it because I love him...  No big win like last year but we held our own.

We were only gone a week but returned to fall in all its glory.

And finally things are looking up for egg production.
One hen looked like this when we left but when we came home she was sporting an exquisite comb and elegant wattle.....sure sign of maturity...

I did do some ribbon embroidery on the base for the anniversary piece and excited now to forge ahead... more when I get some photos...  So glad to be home ...as always..
And tomorrow is squash soup and scones.


margaret said...

this looks an idyllic spot sounds like a good time fascinated about the way you played bridge not a game I have played myself. A very handsome chicken you have there

Cathy said...

So glad you had a good time! Those fall colors are gorgeous. Now, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the anniversary piece!

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