Progress and Peonies

Making progress on the cover for the CQ cottage blocks.. I'm loving the ruched ribbon... it is just pinned in place here.  I can't believe this ribbon  languished in a drawer for years.... Soaking it in boiling water really did the trick to soften it enough to make it useable and I had to candle flame the raw edges.  The knitted lace is going to be great..  I have a lot of it in various sizes and lengths...enough anyway for this project.

When I get frustrated with the eye situation I need to do something physical or I would climb the walls and this time of year it's working outside...  This morning I took this "before" picture.  I used to have peonies scattered about the property and have been gradually moving them to one area near the house.  But it had been overtaken by weeds and my lovely granddaughter Leigha helped me clear the weeds last fall and I want to get the bare areas covered with black plastic and mulched this week or it will be too late and the weeds will take it again.  Many of the later varieties of peonies are just poking through the ground so I had to wait.  Looks kind of sad here but there about 35-40 peonies in this bed and when it matures it should be spectacular.


margaret said...

what a beautiful cover you have made. Why do the weeds grow so much better than the flowers etc I wonder! I too have problems mostly dandelions, chickweed and nettles. I have resorted to weed killer

crafty cat corner said...

Absolutely beautiful, I love the ruched ribbon.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can only imagine how spectacular your peony bed will be when it's in full bloom. And the ruched ribbon with the knitted lace looks amazing together.

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