Eye Update and stitch progress..

The sight in my right eye is pretty much a fun house mirror image like this picture (not only blurry but distorted as well) and because of a partially blocked vein in that eye I will be lucky to keep that much vision.. and it is not fixable. But I use drops usually used for glaucoma to reduce pressure in that eye so the vein does not completely block. The blocked vein is not part of the macular and is a separate problem all together.

I can see things fairly well with my left eye if it is something within about a 24-36"  range and it allows me to stitch with my wonderful magnifying lamp. 

But you might remember about 3 years ago I shattered the ocular bones on the left side of my face and they had to implant a plate to support that eye to keep it from sliding into the sinus cavity...That saved the eye but it affected its ability to focus...especially when it is tired. So I can only stitch for short periods before the eye tires and I see double.  Grudgingly I'm accepting what I just can't do and finding other ways to do things.

Having said all that I am determined to slowly finish up what I have going...  First the books of the cottage blocks.  I have six of the blocks as pages all   bound.  Will now add laces etc. to finish off the pages...

It is nearly the end of April and  I am barely started on the gold images let alone the cream on cream..  As always on anything I cut out, I outline with a very tight chain stitch.  The last ones I did on gold velour but I'm wanting to try these on cotton and will paint the fabric gold before I stitch it. (after the outlining)  These are small enough to stick in my sewing bag and tote about...  I love that.

And the biologist at a nearby wildlife refuge confirms that we have a visiting badger in our forest... and the hummingbirds have arrived for the summer....now I'm waiting for my wren who arrive in May.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so sorry about your eye issues Gerry - thoughts are certainly with you in hopes there will be a miracle.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you have so much trouble with your eyes. My prayer is that God gives you strength to cope with this.
Your stitching is beautiful and always has been.
Kathleen Mary

kathy r said...

Sorry about your eyes. My prayer is that God gives you strength to cope with this.
Your stitching has always been beautiful.
Kathleen Mary

margaret said...

haw sad to have the distorted vision, we depend so much on our eyes and tend to take the =m fro granted till they start to let us down. You must not over tire your good eye. So it is a badger that is visiting wonder if you will see it maybe you will end up with a family of them. Enjoy your stitching if the birds

Marilyn said...

I do admire your courage to learn to cope with the loss of eyesight. I imagine it must be very hard at times. And it is good to hear that you will be able to finish up the cottage blocks for your grand daughter. Is the corset book completely done now? What fun to have a badger - I've never seen one in person. It won't bother the dogs will it?

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