Happy Hubby and my Mystery Digger

Friday night DH came to my workroom to show me that he only had 3 sour cream rolls left in the freezer (hint! hint!)  Saturday night he came again waving an empty bag.. (HINT! HINT!!)  Well it just so happens I need  some holes dug and help moving some railroad ties so yesterday I baked some and he's a happy hubby indeed!

His very favorite just like his mother baked...  From start to finish they take about 4 hours.
I posted the recipe several years ago... http://olderrose.blogspot.com/2010/01/mother-kruegers-sour-cream-rolls.html

My path is the forest is a soft bed of undisturbed pine needles.  It is comforting to my old feet to tread upon them and they smell divine..  The key word here is undisturbed....

But yesterday here and there were ruts where something had been digging.

This trench is about 6 feet long and 8-10" deep.  So this digger had to be fairly good sized.

In fact this area is about 8'x3' and looked as if a rototiller had been working it.  I'm going to send the photos to a friend in the dept. of wildlife and see if I can find out what is doing this.  I suspect it is a badger but we haven't seen a badger in 30 years... but  since they're a nocturnal animal they could be out there while I'm sleeping...  I did see my barn owl today and not too far from the barn.


margaret said...

coking looks very tasty. How nice it would be if you had badgers on your land hope you can track down who your visitor is

Marilyn said...

The rolls look very yummy. I remember when you posted the recipe. I hope you solve your mystery and be careful walking on your trail - uneven ground can be dangerous.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It will be interesting to know what's doing all that digging on your path - do be careful not to fall in one of his holes! Those biscuits look pretty tasty - it's no wonder DH is enamored of them!

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