Thrift store tips for today!

 Don't forget to check the aisles with draperies, pillow shams and other bedding.  Not only do I find great cotton sheets for foundation fabric, I find yummy fancies in draperies and shams.

This was a drape and even though it is not, it has the look, feel and weight of a fine silk duponii and is the perfect color for backing the cottage blocks.

The cottage blocks were CQJP2014 and have been languishing.. I originally intended to make books of them then decided to make a quilt, then a book and then a quilt etc.  But finally it is a book again... for sure!  I got the pieces cut yesterday and made the images for the backing.  Plan to embellish backing with SRE and proverbs about home.

Update on thrift store shoe rack...  It is going to work great for my extra paints.
You see the arrow pointing to the black racks on a side table where I had been keeping them and all the space  beneath was wasted.  Now I can move the side table out and slide the shoe rack/paint caddy into place.  I will keep extra bushes and supplies in the bottom basket.  It wasn't tippy but I felt it needed a little more weight on the bottom.  So I added a barbell weight from a collection of thrift store weights I keep in the barn to hold down tarps etc.

The side table is actually one of my several wheeled bedside tables and my favorite one to use as a impromptu mobile ironing surface so I am glad to have it available again.

When we walked in the forest yesterday a heavy fog was moving in from the north when we started and completely enveloped us by the time we got to the house.  Usually the dogs romp about the forest, sniffing and peeing everywhere....but when the fog is heavy they stay close and creep along quietly.
AND when I got up this morning DH gave me a big hug and says "How's fubsy this morning?"  Grrrrrrrrrrrr....but the hug was really nice.



Marilyn said...

You must feel great to be getting the cottage blocks in the finishing stage. Nice to cross a completed project off the list. Your paint rack looks great :)

Renee said...

I look forward to seeing the book when it is done. Watching you create these blocks was delightful. :)

margaret said...

what a wonderful book your crazy blocks will make. I do visit the charity shops but so far have not had much success but who knows what I might find tomorrow

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