My new name...

This posts is odds and ends.  First here are the rest of the goodies I got on Tues..  Some really nice laces...especially the red one.  It's hard to get a good red when you dye and I want to redo the Sendai block and this doily is perfect.  Also the little sparkly bird earrings are adorable for $1.50. 

Next DH belongs to a vocabulary website and they send him a word a day.  Yesterday the word was "fubsy" - English slang for short and stout...  Guess what???  It tickles him to call me fubsy but the humor of it is wearing thin quickly ...  There were four of us sitting at lunch today....all "fubsys"

It is with great difficulty that the song birds get any feed....  The mice, rabbits, chickens, squirrels,  turkeys and even the deer  all raid the feeders.  Now the great huge turkeys have taken to getting on top of the feeders. 

Then they can bend and stretch until they reach the seed... Soon though the turkeys will disappear to the forest to nest and lay their eggs.

The large nest you see in the tree behind the turkey in the first picture is a red-winged blackbird nest.  I watched them patiently build it as the wind was whipping the branches about. 

Right now my biggest problem is toteability which spell check says is not a word.  But when you want a project to carry in your sewing bag... it has to be "tote"able... right? The dream on cream blocks do not travel well.  I have several other projects in various states of completion but all need some prep work of some kind.  DH will be gone most of the next 3 days and I can make a huge mess and spend uninterrupted time getting the prep work done.


margaret said...

fusby quite liking it but I am tall and plumb so not me! Lots of bird life for you to watch. Wondering do you not get my posts anymore for my blog, might have lost you due to the google thing seem to have lost quite a few followers since the change

Marilyn said...

Your bird seed bill will get pretty high feeding everyone in the neighbourhood. But so much fun to watch the party at the feeder :). Hopefully your DH will get a new word soon. Such lovely laces....I envy you your thrift shops. My girlfriend and I are about ready to do another thrift shop run just to get away.

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