The War of the Roses.

My most aggressive roses wage war on me, all structures and each other.  This is all one rose and actually starts a little to the right of the arrow and was growing over a large arbor.  It collapsed the arbor (see arrow) and just keeps heading north.
This is another plant of the same variety on another arbor which is leaning badly(see arrow).  The huge white Scotch rose on the left is holding its own..  Luckily the big juniper is supporting some of the rose on the right.  But if I had to place a bet on which will win I would have to put my money on the rose on the right..  It will eventually collapse the arbor and engulf the white rose AND the juniper and continue on its way.

This unnamed climber below is intent on consuming my chicken house.. Although I try to it from the door and going over the roof, it is a losing battle.  It also creeps under the eaves and tries to fill the inside of the chicken house.
But the very very worst is this rose.  It is named Darlow's Enigma and is actually sold on the internet. There is a 30' long and  8' tall cedar  fence.  I unknowingly planted about 10 of these roses along that fence and haven't seen the fence since..  There is no doubt it will collapse the fence and I need to hire someone with a machete (or chain saw) to cut it down and then spray it with round-up.  And it is loaded with thorns.
This is a view of the fence on the other side.  The rose grows up over the  8' fence, down the other side and into the pasture.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGOSH!! I have NEVER seen roses grow like that!! Totally amazing.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Holy Cow! You must have some fantastic garden soil! Your roses do look wonderful in spite of their taking over your property.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can only imagine what a wonderful scent there must be! It might be a war, but I don't think it's one I would try too hard to win. I love the old fashioned single roses.

margaret said...

certainly you have rambling roses growing everywhere. My daughters arbour collapsed with rose, honeysuckle, clematis etc, we have cut them to ground level and she wants to big them out but that needs a proper digger as they are so deep rooted, I certainly do not have the strength to do it

Marilyn said...

Who knew that roses were trying to take over the world! They are beautiful but don't get too close - they might consume people as well as wooden structures :)

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