Progress and my hummingbird experiment

I backed the Christmas blocks with rigid Peltex as I want them to stand up. I used double sided fusible to attach the gold ribbon binding. The next step will be using wide velvet ribbon (probably meant for holiday wreaths) as the connecting element..  Doing it on the grid of the cutting mat will help me keep everything all in line... hopefully.
I tried a green and red ribbon for the binding as well as the gold but much preferred the gold.. After they are all attached I will do the "over the top" gold embellishing with more gold cordings and braid.  It will all go on with a hot glue gun as stitching through the Peltex is too difficult.    Now where is that glue gun which I have not used for 10 years at least?
Remember my discovery that clustering hummingbird feeders is the solution to hummingbird territorial wars?  Well it works... I have seven feeders on my little sitting porch and not only is there a minimum of aggression, I have many, many more hummingbirds.  I have also had many types of hummingbird feeders over the years but this type by First Nature is by far my favorite.  It is the easiest to clean and refill of all I have used.  I disposed of all my others and use these exclusively... I ordered them from Amazon but I've seen them at Walmart also.  Next year I will add a couple more.
My morning rant... It is a week until the 4th and already this morning I can hear fireworks.  We are in  extreme high fire danger now with a heat wave.  Fireworks are illegal in the state but people can go on the Indian reservations and buy them...  idiots.


margaret said...

your Christmas blocks are coming along a treat, like wise you are giving the hummingbirds a treat too, must be wonderful to see so many feeding all at once

Marilyn said...

Your blocks are looking great. Give Gerry a problem and some thinking time and she comes up with a solution :). We are really dry up here too. Driving to Edmonton yesterday a lot of the fields have very little green and a lot of brown. Many farmers have lost their crops totally. Many wildfires and BC has used up their whole wildfire budget and its only the end of June. Scary enough as it is but when you let yahoos loose with fireworks it can be disastrous. We've had a few showers for a couple of days with a few more for the next couple but we need at least a week of a good soaking rain it it is not in the forecast at all.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great solution for your blocks. Are you planning something akin to a bell pull?

Susan Elliott said...

I have bought one extra feeder thanks to you and next trip to the bird store, I'll get another. I bought two extras but gave one to Dad so he could enjoy hummingbirds on his porch.

Have a wonderful Fourth free of fire and fireworks!! xo Susan

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Gerry your blocks are gorgeous! I would place these in the one of a kind category. Its lovely and well thought out approach to a crazy quilting block. I love it when a crazy quilter goes out of the bounds.

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