Road Trip & Thead MBR tweeks

We are going out of town for about a week or so...and it is a road trip that entails about 14 hours  in the car for the round trip....  Since I want to still work on seams but can't manage templates in the car, I am rapidly putting a base row of stitches on as many seams as possible so I can finish them while enroute.
The CQ look just doesn't emerge until there is a certain density of stitches.  Not there yet but working at it.  I had forgotten how big the back of this jacket is.  Not only because I am large, but the style is "swing or cape-like"

Two more refinements to the thread carousel  --- a cup for pencil and a sign clip to hold my beloved ellipse template... I was really hoping that some of the long-delayed RR blocks would show up before we leave but that doesn't seem likely now.


Marilyn said...

I can't work in the car - movement is something that really makes my eye sore. Its been really bad the last couple of weeks so any stitching is in about 5 minute increments. Right now I'm making a batch of green tomato mincemeat since my friend gifted me with yet more green tomatoes - and I still have one more bowlful to deal with - sigh. Oh well, we will enjoy the products this winter. Have an enjoyable trip.

Suztats said...

Have a great stitchin' road trip!

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