Thinking about moving on!!

I can tell when it is time for a project to be winding down (ie. jacket) because all the time I'm stitching my mind is obsessed with a future project...  This time it is the Quilt Alliance project..  I have missed a couple years.... I promised Allie I would  get into next year's as it is a good cause.  And the theme for next year is pets..
In 2010  I participated in a traditional RR (everyone working on a large block) and Janet Popish had a black block  and the theme was spiders.  Below is my part of that block.  After doing it I always wanted to carry the "I spy" element a little further and this might be the perfect project... I only had two black cats here but I'm envisioning maybe 3-5 hidden cats.
And I want to finish the cottage quilt in a grand way.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

I LOVE it, Gerry! Your "I Spy" black cats are a perfect touch.

margaret said...

this is going to be a lovely project to follow

Marilyn said...

Very cool. I've always wanted to do a Green man but haven't made it yet. I have too many other projects on the go although I am getting a few done. I finally finished the women's shelter tote that had me stalled and made another one. And I finished my etui that has been aging for a year since I finished the lid. I just can't accomplish as much as I used to in the same amount of time :(

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