Stash giveaway

I had said that I would draw Wednesday evening but as all that flew from my mind with all that happened Wednesday... but the winners are
Cindy Rogers
Roxanne Pelt
Ruth (Englishrose)

If you three would send  your address to me at olderrose@yahoo.com I will get your new stash off in the mail... 

I walked in the woods alone this morning for the first time since the shooting and was hyper  alert to everything but know that will pass.. Many asked about the dogs and they were okay but he must have had an issue with them as he had thrown their beds outside... They were also very anxious and quiet for a couple days...they are certainly not used to somebody yelling or being cross with them.


doni palmgren said...

So sorry about your encounter. It really takes away our sense of safety and makes us feel so violated. Thinking of you.

Doni in Wenatchee

margaret said...

good to tread you had a walk in the woods, it will take time to get over this ordeal for both you DH and the dogs, I find it frightening just thinking about never mind experiencing it, take care now

Marilyn said...

I hope your sense of peace in your forest returns soon. Morris and Molly might need extra snuggles for a while to reassure them - and it wouldn't hurt you either.

Anonymous said...

I just read what happened. I think it would have taken me a lot longer before I took a walk in the woods. I'm so glad neither of you was harmed.

Cindy Rogers said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I can't believe I won!!!

If you can't tell, I'm jumping up and down right now!

I am new to Crazy Quilting having just completed my first block as part of Kathy Shaw's Beginning C Q Class at Shawkl Designs. I'm currently taking her Intermediate C Q Class and will treasure any items I have won from you as I use them in my new blocks.

Thanks again,


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