Jacket and Aftermath Update

The two latest additions ready for this side of jacket are DH in disguise as a my prince charming and a delightful butterfly stitched by Lisa Boni from Colorado..

The butterfly is not only perfect in size and color but came when I needed a gift of caring most.  It will always be a remembrance of a longtime CQ friend.

DH is not too sure if he likes being represented as a toad...but glad to be that if it means he is on my jacket with all else I love.  I assure him that he is indeed my prince charming..

I still haven't found the missing house finch but hopefully it will turn up soon...it will go near the bottom where the turquoise stripes are..   I'm just about finished with a magpie....but I will start appliqueing what I have and finishing the seam treatments.

I have about 20 birds, etc drawn and ready to stitch for the back section..  Then I can start filling in the floral motifs which I will stitch directly on the jacket...

I am truly grateful for   the comments and concern from all of you who responded recently...  Although the house is back in order, we are both still reeling from the violence...  We have given it all much thought and have had lots of advice and are working on how we can better respond in such a situation which is more important that other precautions.  We can and will add extra alarms, lights, gate locks, etc. that would slow intruders down, but the bottom line is if someone is intent on invading your property or doing you harm, you are very vulnerable no matter what precautions you take....   Left is a photo of the knife he was also carrying..


gocrazywithme said...

Your jacket is coming along beautifully.
I wish I had good advice regarding the feeling of violation and vulnerability. Aside from a professional alarm system, one that notifies a party off-site that a break-in has occurred, I don't know what would help. We have motion-sensor lights, which work okay because we have close neighbors, but with your place out in the country, all it would do is make it easier for the thieves to see.

Marilyn said...

Your prince charming is truly just that - I love him. So you will have your two favourite guys on your jacket :).

Lisa Boni said...

So glad the butterfly arrived and lifted your heart just a little bit ~ especially in light of all that you have experienced recently! The jacket is looking fabulous and I can't wait to see it finished!

Praying you find some peace back soon.

margaret said...

your waistcoat is a item of real beauty so looking forward to seeing you wearing it in a photo as it is delightful. Good to read you are straight following the terrible trauma of the robbery and attempted shooting, I know it will be a long time before you feel safe in you home but the added security will help and they say lightening does not strike twice, take care.

Suztats said...

Love your Prince Charming addition. Much nicer than my friend's name for her hubby: her ex The Toad! lol Your jacket will be wonderful eye candy.
That photo of the knife gave me a shiver.

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