Finally a bag system which will work for me!

How could we manage to CQ without ziplock bags but I had never found a way to keep them sorted AND handy and I've tried umpteen ways...I did it in tubes,boxes, baskets and drawers. The latest was to label a bag (ex. gallon) and put all like-size bags in that bag... But it just wasn't handy and I just didn't do it.  So having reached the final frustration level I went online...  I ran across  methods of storing them upright.   I liked that because the height instantly indicated the size.  I knew the tubes wouldn't work for me because I had too many bags but the other idea used a divided carton which I adapted.

 I just used a beverage carton.  I roll them up individually and easily slip them in and take them out.

I have it sitting on a tall (but small) plant stand  by the door to my storage room. The leftover used bags are still in the pantry when I need them.

If in my thrift store forays I found something like this to which I could add dividers  and hang on the end of the bookcase it would even be better.  I'll have to keep an eye out..

In my search I ran across this clever "instant drying setup"
She kept a quart jar of aquarium gravel under her kitchen sink and when she needed to dry something she stuck in a bunch of BBQ skewers.  Clever and cheap!!

Update:  I still love my stacking boxes for each project and just found another one cheap on e-bay..  With a tray each for my beads, kreinik threads, and ribbons and by thread ring hanging from my lamp I have everything at hand. Since I am mostly beading right now I can put that tray on top.
Equally it is all put important easily put away... Unfortunately since I work on the dining table I do occasionally have to clear it for company.  I will start putting doodads into the new stack of boxes for the hanky quilt which will probably be after the holidays...


susiew said...

Hi Gerry .... what great and timely ideas. The clean-out/organize bug has bitten me and I'm out in the garage daily rearranging. Will surely watch for boxes and containers @ the Thrift Store!

Marilyn said...

Love your plastic bag storage idea. I don't remember seeing those type of boxes for beverages for a long time and probably going to the liquor store and buying one just for storage would be a little expensive since I doubt we'd ever drink the beverages. I think I have seen the metal mesh baskets with dividers somewhere but probably not in a thrift store yet. But I'll keep an eye out from now on. And the bag drying idea is really a good one. I'll have to show that one to my DIL. She always has them at the back of her sink like I do.

margaret said...

I find storage causes so many headache\!! think I have hit on a good idea but then no that is another that does not seem to work! You have a few good ideas here, I like to be able to see what I have got so clear containers appeal to me, seem to spend more time searching for what I want than actually doing any stitching!

Mosaic Magpie said...

Great ideas for organizing. The nerve of your company....expecting you to clean the table off for them! LOL sometimes that is the only reason I see my table, because company is coming!

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