And more suffrage progress

I have only the buttons left to do on the "bottom left" block and will do them along with "side left" block. The trim flower in this motif was made with a pleated trim/ Rather than gather the trim I did in a spiral.

The seams are done on "side left" and I've started the beading... There is too much black on the right side and I'll remove two pieces of black lace.  The center black trim can be incorporated into the buttons. The suffragettes were often jailed for demonstrating  and if they went on a hunger strike, they were force fed.  Vote ladies... they did it for you!!! The black velvet bird upper left was a gift from Susan Elliott and I have something special to add to it..

My granddaughter Madison is a whiz with a camera and does the most beautiful panoramic skies.  I was wishing she were here this morning to help me capture the sunrise which was fabulous and turned the whole sky shades of pink.. But without her  this is the best I could do.


Marilyn said...

I can hardly wait to see the whole thing all together all done. You are just whizzing along. The only thing I can do at the moment is a little sewing on the machine. I really overdid it with my eyes and the bad one gets sore very quickly if I spend any time at all on the computer or hand stitching. But getting my DGS's quilt done is a priority anyway. I just finished up the 5th semi truck so now I can start putting the rest of the bits together. Our sunrise was pretty nice this morning too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your fence post topper

Marlynne said...

Lovely quilt Piece. And the face on the post in your Sunset Picture is interesting! tell us about it!

margaret said...

thus block is coming along a treat, hurry and share the whole piece with us. This is a great time of year for sunrises, that is when it is not thick clouids!yours is a good picture of one

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