Thread Ring Options

I mentioned my thread ring yesterday and I still had them hanging on the back of the door on a cup rack....but it was a really cheap cup rack and quite flimsy so I looked around a bit for a sturdier one or a better option.

One of these cast iron models would be great.  It has 5 folding  arms with a total of  15 hooks and they all fold back against the wall... but alas they are very pricy. If money were no object this would be my choice.

Other things I found include an under the shelf model which pulls out....great for someone using a closet for storage.  Another also goes under a shelf and swivels around... And there were many that you got only hooks but a shelf as a bonus...

I have a lot of vintage coat hooks in the barn and could have done something like this without too much effort..
But in the end it was the usual make-do with what I got.  One of my problems was the center of the door was recessed and the rack wasn't stable which added to the flimsiness. So I added a brace (arrow) to the back which not only fill the recess gap, it stabilized the whole rack.  The wooden pieces to hang the cups on were attached with nails  and I replaced the nails with screws which also helped greatly.  So this now my permanent home for my thread rings.  Now I just have to get the rest of the thread  on the rings...no small job in itself.
Had a bunch of green cherry tomatoes left and made green tomato chutney this morning.


Marilyn said...

All excellent ideas but they won't work in my room - sigh. There is no door, both of my fabric wardrobes are so crammed I can barely close the doors, every wall has a cabinet or something along the whole length and there are 3 large windows which pretty much accounts for the rest of the available space. Mind you, one of the windows just faces on the porch and has no curtain so maybe I could hang the rings along there. Then I'd only have to move the cutting table and the tall plastic storage drawer set to get to it. Have to think on that one.

margaret said...

a very good way to keep your threads, I have just ordered a hook thing! to hang my patchwork templates from so I always can find them. Do not think I would trust the suction one with the cups hanging on, fear it would fall down and smash everything.

Green tomato chutney sound lovely.

Cathy K said...

I love my thread rack and rings. So far I only have the fancy (couchable) fibers done, and it is a riot of color that I love, love, love. I will be doing a blogpost about it soon. Hugs, Cathy

Mosaic Magpie said...

Handy with a hammer and she can cook too!!!

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